Troy Fairbanks

Troy Fairbanks

    Dear White People
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with his strict father, Mr. Fairbanks, who is Dean of Winchester University. Troy had very little freedom, and was taught by his father to behave well, act polite, and not stir up trouble. 

Living… on campus at Winchester University. He lives in Armstrong-Parker House, a dorm on campus comprised of mostly Black students. Troy ran for Head of House, but ultimately lost to Samantha White. Troy was in favor of integrating Armstrong-Parker House, but the other residents voted it down.

Profession… college student. Troy is the son of the Dean, so his actions are held under much scrutiny. He is very intentional about how he acts, but he can never seem to please his father.

Interests… the Black Lives Matter movement. But Troy is frustrated with the narrow-mindedness of others who question their cause. As Troy says, “If you were a cat owner and only all cats were dying In America, if someone said to you, 'All lives matter,' you'd be upset, too.”

Relationship status… single. Troy finds it hard to settle down with anyone. He cared about Samantha, but Troy’s infidelity led to their breakup. 

Challenge… being the golden boy. Troy has a lot of opinions, but he has an image to uphold, which causes him to be more restricted. He struggles with his father’s expectations, which make some of his peers upset. But when he tries to affirm his peers, his father gets in the way. It seems like there is no winning for Troy, but as he becomes fed up with the pressure, he begins to lose his motivation for keeping everyone happy. 

Personality… confident and charming. Troy is a natural leader. He is attractive, charming, and wealthy. He often finds he can’t be himself because he is so concerned with how others view him, but when he eventually stops caring, a new Troy is unveiled. 


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