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Grew up… somewhere in the American West. Trixie’s origins are unknown even to her. Upon making a deposit at Deadwood’s local bank, she realizes that she doesn’t even know her own surname.

Living… on the American frontier in the Deadwood mining camp. Trixie lives in the same place she works: the Gem Saloon. Despite the fact that she lives under the thumb of her notorious boss, Al Swearengen, Trixie insists that she’s nobody’s “lapdog.”

Profession… turnin’ tricks for money. Trixie is one of the best whores working out of the Gem. She prides herself on being Al’s favorite.

Interests… keeping herself alive. Life isn’t easy for a working girl in the lawless town of Deadwood. If she catches a customer trying to do harm, she won’t hesitate to inflict a lasting wound on him.

Relationship Status… involved with the unofficial leader of Deadwood, Al Swearengen. Al, despite the brutal beatings that he dishes out on Trixie, seems to show genuine affection for her. But maybe Trixie would be better off with someone more stable and far nicer, like the hardware store owner, Sol Star.  

Challenge… improving her lot. Trixie knows that, as Al’s favorite girl, she has an advantage on the other employees. Even though she fears Al and his violent mood swings, she hopes that she can find a way to use his affection to her own advantage.

Personality… foul-mouthed and confrontational. Trixie has learned to defend herself over her years in Deadwood. She’s not afraid to stand up for herself when she needs to, as she’s familiar with the dangerous trade of prostitution. Even her friends need to beware her wrath, such as when Sol once politely asked her not to smoke inside. She replies (with a few choice words cleaned up), “If I extinguish this cigarette, it’ll be in the middle of your forehead.”

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