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About Him

Grew up… in a small village in Sweden. His father was a farmer, his grandfather was a farmer, and so on – he’s expected to be a farmer too. But Tristan wanted to try and get into school, so he and his family could move up in the world. Unfortunately, his mother doesn’t approve.

Living… in a frog’s body. While out running errands, Tristan was struck by lightning, and somehow he ended up as a frog. Apparently, this particular frog body belonged to Lumi, a witch who wasn’t too pleased that Tristan’s soul took up residence in it. But he’s living with her for now, until they figure out what to do with him.

Profession… familiar. A “familiar” is a witch’s animal companion and helps the witch her magic. Lumi had been trying to get the soul of her dead former familiar, Suul, into the frog body, but she got Tristan instead. Now she has no other choice than to use Tristan as a familiar, otherwise she can’t complete her spells.

Interests… books. One of the first things Tristan does at Lumi’s house is to find the library and start reading. His first priority is to learn Snailspeak, in order to talk to Richmond, the giant snail whose shell serves as Lumi’s house and transportation.

Relationship Status… single. As he puts it, “I was so wrapped up in the future that I couldn’t see the present.”

Challenge… adapting to life as a frog. And not just any frog, but an apparently magical frog with three eyes. He’s only just starting to realize how much there is in this world that he never knew about, but he’s going to have to catch on quick if he wants to stay out of danger.

Personality… bookish, sarcastic, and a bit of a dreamer. Tristan is understandably nervous about his new situation, and occasionally gets scared and runs off, but he’s also just as likely to roll his eyes and throw a quick comeback. He’s inquisitive, even though he often doesn’t get answers to his questions.

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