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Failure to Launch

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Overview… a 35-year-old man who still lives with his parents. Tripp is a man who is simply not willing to grow up. He lets his mother cook, clean, and organize everything for him. Meanwhile, he takes advantage of his free time to pursue beautiful women. Whenever he sees one of his girlfriends give him “the look,” as he calls it, he takes them back to his parents’ house in order to scare them away. He never wants to make another commitment in his life.

Personality… charming, handsome, and spoiled. Tripp is used to getting everything he wants. He lives a life with few human attachments (aside form his slacker friends) and is very cavalier about this chosen lifestyle. He says that “it’s gonna take a stick of dynamite to get me outta my parents’ house.” But his parents hope they've found that TNT in Paula.

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