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Living... in Hollywood, where he's planning to become a famous actor. He hasn't had many big roles yet – or even medium-sized ones – but that isn't nearly enough to shake Trent's confidence. He's convinced he'll make it.

Visiting... Las Vegas, where he heard all the beautiful honeys are. He’s brought his good friend Mike, who's still broken-hearted from things ending with his girlfriend of six years back in New York, even though that was six months ago. Trent and Mike couldn't afford a place on the Strip, but Trent's planning to win so much money they'll get comped the suite that was in Rain Man.

Interests... women and parties. Trent wants nothing more than for his friends to have a good time. Not only will he facilitate the party, but he’ll find you a date and cheer you on the entire time. If you’re ever having doubts of your partying prowess, you can always count on him to remind him of how "money" you are.

Relationship Status... single. And he's glad he's free in Vegas with so many beautiful women around. Picking some up won’t be hard for a good-looking and super-confident guy like Trent. Helping Mike do the same, on the other hand, might be quite hard indeed.

Challenge... getting Mike out of his funk. It's possible that Mike might be a hopeless case. With a woman Mike met, he basically started talking about puppy dogs and ice cream. Not a good move. But Trent isn't about to give up on his boy.

Personality… self-assured, loud, and very comfortable in his own skin. Trent is obsessed with chicks and good times, and always ready to go all out. He doesn’t have much of a filter, and he isn’t worried about things like political correctness. After all, he’s a famous actor – or will be. Until then, he's determined to have the time of his life, and more often than not he's doing just that. 

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