Travis Junior
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Travis Junior

Reno 911

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About Him

Grew Up… as a self-described “American Freedom Machine.” Junior enlisted in the U.S. Army out of high school and fought in the Iraq War, where he received the Medal of Honor for his valor.

Living… in a Winnebago in Reno, Nevada. Junior has a very specific fashion sense: hair cut military style, perfectly groomed moustache, Kevlar vest over his uniform shirt, aviator sunglasses to hide his crossed eyes.

Profession… dog trainer for the Reno Sheriff’s Department. His dream job is to one day be a carny. He hopes to join the FBI, but he is generally regarded as one of the worst officers in the department.

Interests… America. And to Deputy Junior, the best way to celebrate that is to drink beer and watch some NASCAR.

Relationship Status… briefly married to an Asian woman who didn’t speak English, whom he met while working a mail order bride sting with Deputy Johnson and Lieutenant Dangle. He has never been able to sustain any sort of long-term relationship since.

Challenge… avoiding injury on the job such as concussions during routine traffic stops, burns, dog maulings, and electrocutions. That’s not the full list of work injuries; just the most common.

Personality… unsophisticated and bumbling. He is a religious man – a devout follower of the televangelist and reformed criminal Reverend LeCarp. He has a playful side as well, frequently stealing or damaging Dangle’s bicycle for laughs.

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