Travis Henderson
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Travis Henderson

Paris, Texas

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About Him

Living… in the South Texas desert, where he spends his days wandering. Travis has been living off the grid for the past four years – in fact, his brother was convinced that he was dead. 

Visiting… his brother Walt in Los Angeles. Walt came to rescue Travis after he was found in a bar all the way down in Terlingua, Texas. Now, Walt and his family have reunited Travis with his son, Hunter.

Profession… none. Travis has been drifting for years. By the time he finally speaks up to his brother he says that he’s been trying to get to Paris, where he claims to have purchased a vacant lot. 

Relationship Status… estranged from his wife, Jane. Travis, who seems have gotten into trouble, hasn’t reached out to his wife in several years. He refuses to tell his brother Walt what happened all those years ago.

Challenge… getting to Paris, Texas. He explains to Walt, “Momma once told me that that’s where she and daddy first made love. I figured that that’s where I began. I mean me: Travis Clay Henderson. They named me that. I started out there.” 

Personality… quiet, strange and mysterious. Travis is a mystery even to himself. He can’t quite explain why he ended up all alone in the desert, why he left his wife and child, or what he’s trying to do in his life. 

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