Tracy Lord
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Tracy Lord

The Philadelphia Story

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About Her

Overview... an eccentric Philadelphia socialite. As part of the famously wealthy Lord family, everything Tracy does draws attention. This time around she’s making headlines for marrying a self-made tycoon named George Kittredge. But things get especially complicated when an eager young tabloid journalist named Mike Connor shows up to cover the upcoming nuptials with her ex-husband C. K. Dexter Haven in tow.

Personality... independent, arrogant, argumentative, and magnetic. To the outside world, Tracy is a paragon of strength; she’s sharp, funny, and unafraid to speak her mind. Plus she has a certain je ne se quoi that makes men worship her. But the problem is, Tracy doesn’t want to be worshipped—she wants to be loved. Underneath her devil-may-care bravado, she’s far more vulnerable and far more human than she lets on.

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