Tracy Jordan
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Tracy Jordan

30 Rock

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About Him

Grew Up... in a tough neighborhood in the Bronx, but little else is known about his early life. He was allegedly born in Yankee Stadium but does not recall the date of his birth or how old he is.

Living... in New York in one of his many large houses with his wife, Angie; their two sons Tracy Jordan Jr. and George Foreman Jr.; and baby daughter. Virginia.

Profession... actor/comedian. He parlayed several hit movies into his current star role in the NBC sketch-comedy show TGS with Tracy Jordan, while still acting in side movie projects. His success and fame has brought him complete financial freedom and ease, but he also appears to have little to no understanding of life outside of the industry anymore, assuming he ever did. In his words, "I once played a lawyer in a movie, so I know all about winning your son's love back thanks to a magic camera."

Interests... freedom. Tracy wants to be able to do whatever he wants, however outlandish his desires may be. He claims to never be able to do the same thing twice. He’s always looking for new experiences and often hinting at the past lunacy he’s been involved in: "But I promised Barbra Streisand I'd never stab her again."

Relationship Status... married to Angie, with whom he has three children. They have been together for 17 years and fluctuate in their stability. Tracy once said he fears that, "She'll divorce me if I ever have enough money where she can live off half." But they always seem to work out their problems, and even though Tracy is often surrounded by adoring fans (and/or strippers), he remains faithful to Angie.

Challenge... self-sufficiency. Tracy does almost nothing for himself, either taking direction from his boss and TGS head writer, Liz Lemon, or asking his ever-present "posse" of Dot Com and Grizz to perform even the simplest tasks for him. If Dot Com and Grizz aren’t around, NBC page Kenneth Parcell is always willing to help. Then again, Tracy may legitimately need all the assistance; leaving him to his own devices is typically a disaster waiting to happen.

Personality... selfish and immature, but with traces of real sweetness. Tracy tries to evade virtually every responsibility, whether personal or professional. When once asked if he had read any of the movie scripts he was supposed to, he sarcastically replied, "Yeah, I read the one about a handsome genius who lied to two idiots about reading scripts." Though he’s a total prima donna, he's not a bad guy. Just very, very lazy.

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