Tracy Freeland

Tracy Freeland

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… modestly. Tracy’s mother, Melanie, a recovering alcoholic, tries her best to make ends meet as a hairdresser. She manages to pay the bills, but it’s not enough for Tracy. She screams, “It’s not like your broke ass ever has any money to give me!”

Living… as a bit of a loner. Tracy is just starting to notice the boys at her middle school, and envy the popular girls who attract most of the male attention. If she befriends one of those popular girls—say, Evie Zamora – she’ll be elevated from her loner status, though.

Profession… honor student at Portola Middle School in Los Angeles. Tracy, prior to her introduction to the popular Evie Zamora, didn’t have much of a social life. She spent her time on schoolwork and writing poetry.

Interests… suddenly not very wholesome. Tracy, after becoming accepted into the group of popular girls led by the wild Evie, has taken an interest in causing trouble. At only thirteen, she has suddenly taken to drinking, doing drugs, and flirting with boys.

Relationship Status… discovering her sexuality with a popular boy, Javi. Evie has given Tracy a lesson in seduction, turning her into a young nymphet.

Challenge… resisting the urge to destroy herself. Tracy, over the course of a year, has been turned into a rebellious teenager with the help of the experienced and charming Evie. Tracy needs to find a way to reconcile with her mother, and keep from making the same mistakes as she did.

Personality… evolving. Once a sweet, young girl, Tracy, upon entering her teenage years, has turned into a monster. She abuses her body with drink and drugs, steals, lies, and has irresponsible sex. Could it be a phase? Her mother Melanie hopes so.


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