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Grew up... as an only child. Her mom was wholly devoted to Tracy, hoping her daughter would do everything she was unable to do.

Living... in Winwood, Nebraska, near Omaha. Winwood is a rich town, but not everyone in the neighborhood is well off. Since her parents split up six years ago, her mother has singlehandedly supported her. Her father has a new wife now, and a two year-old son.

Profession... overextended student at Winwood High. Tracy is President of the Junior Class, Treasurer of the SGA, Assistant Editor of The Watchdog, statistician for the basketball team, and star of last year's musical Oklahoma.

Interests... campaigning for class President. She’s running against Paul who is popular but completely unqualified. No one really likes Tracy, but they know she will do a good job. Another candidate, Tammy, has also entered the race, but Tracy thinks she is a dweeb without any chance.

Relationship Status... scandalous. She slept with Dave, her former English teacher, and broke up his marriage. Unapologetic, she says, "Crucify me. Send me to bad girl prison with Amy Fisher and make TV movies about my pathetic life." Some people use the term "sexual harassment" to describe what happened, but she doesn't think that is fair. She thought most of their time together was sweet.

Challenge... escaping the sabotage planned by Mr. McAllister, another teacher at school. He is still upset about what happened between his friend Dave and her, and will do anything to keep her from winning the election.

Personality... insecure even though most people would call her confident. As Tracy says, "My hair is dull and my face is so bland that I stare into the mirror sometimes and feel like bursting into tears. But I have a good body, and in a certain dress I start to feel like the person everyone seems to think I am, a daring girl with no apologies for anything."

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