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Grew up... in the Old Kingdom’s capital, Belisaere. His father was a lesser nobleman, and Touchstone worked as a Royal Guard—until the evil necromancer Kerrigor destroyed the royal family and Touchstone with it.

Living... 200 years later. During the massacre of the royal family, Touchstone was trapped in the form of a ship’s figurehead. He was recently freed by Sabriel, a young woman who is the daughter of the Abhorsen, the necromancer responsible for preventing evil magic.

Profession... guide. Touchstone has agreed to help Sabriel find her father, which will require traveling back to the scene of his greatest failure: Belisaere, where Touchstone failed so spectacularly in his duty as a Royal Guard.

Interests... fighting and redeeming himself. In addition to being a warrior, Touchstone also has some proficiency with magic, and he hopes to use these skills to help Sabriel. Unable to save the royal family when they needed him the most, Touchstone hopes to win back his honor by helping the Abhorsen-in-Waiting.

Relationship Status... falling for Sabriel. Even though Touchstone still despises himself for his failure two hundred years ago, Sabriel is kind to him, and he's drawn to her bravery she and willingness to put herself in danger for the sake of others.

Challenge... to help Sabriel find her father, and defeat the evil necromancer that imprisoned him two centuries ago. Kerrigor is still around and still causing trouble, but this time, Touchstone is determined to defeated him.

Personality... changed. Though he’s always been serious and goal-oriented, the death of the royal family caused Touchstone to hate himself. The only way he can now forgive himself is if he finally defeats Kerrigor – without letting Sabriel get hurt. Touchstone is self-sacrificing and loyal, though sometimes to a fault, as he often disregards his own safety in his attempts to help Sabriel.

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