Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… alone in the serene city called The Ruins. Sealed away from the surface and the rest of the underground, Toriel lives in a big house of empty rooms, waiting for any lost humans that she can protect and care for.

Profession… aspiring teacher. Although there are no schools in the underground, Toriel wants to be a teacher. She even plans a school curriculum in her free time in hopes of starting her own school.

Interests… baking and puns. From all her time caring for others, she’s become a very good cook and baker. She also loves puns and bad jokes, telling them to her buddy Sans from the other side of the Ruins door.

Relationship Status… divorced from the king of monsters, Asgore. They once had a happy life as a family, but a king must make tough decisions. Toriel is not one to quickly forgive what she views as immoral, which may be why she left him long ago. Now she lives alone, but she has a growing relationship with Sans whom she’s only told jokes to from the other side of a door. Her relationship with Sans is unconventional, to say the least.

Challenge… protecting lost children who fall into the underground. Toriel is determined to care for others, especially innocent children. As she says to one child, “Do not be afraid, my child... No matter what happens... We will always be there to protect you!” But with an underground full of monsters not as nice as her and the children’s own desires to return home, how long can Toriel keep a child safe?

Personality… compassionate, strong-willed, and playful. A shining example of a motherly figure, Toriel doesn’t just protect those who need it, she cares for them too. With her light-hearted sense of humor, she also loves to keep a book of jokes and share them with others. Still, she’s no push over and will chastise those who do what she thinks is morally wrong.


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