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Tori Vega


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Grew Up… in a normal, happy family, consisting of her mom, dad and older sister, Trina. Her parents are very caring and supportive; they’re always there for Tori when she needs them. The only time her parents seem to be unavailable is when she’s fighting with her sister Trina. They don’t enjoy conflict and tend to disappear when things get ugly.  Her relationship with her older sister is complicated; they may have a lot of petty fights, but at the end of the day, they love and care for one another despite the sibling rivalry.

Living… in her parents’ home in Hollywood, California. She plans out most of her performances in her living room. She often has jam sessions or dance practices with her friends there.

Profession… former student at Sherwood High School, current student at Hollywood Arts. After her sister Trina has an allergic reaction to a Chinese herb, she is unable to perform in the “Big Showcase” at her old high school. Tori takes her place in the showcase and ends up being offered a spot at the prestigious performing arts high school, Hollywood Arts. Though Tori’s ecstatic about the change, she’s also very nervous about fitting in and proving herself to be a serious performer. In her own words: “Oh yeah, like other schools have improv classes with barefoot teachers and nerds with puppets and bipolar cats and mean girls who make you bark like a dog!”

Interests… singing, dancing, performing, acting, her phone, boys,, ping pong, and She’s your average teenage girl, but with big aspirations to be a famous singer. As she says, “My throat is my instrument, I’m a throat player.”

Relationship Status… single. Tori loves boys, but is primarily focused on her budding career and adjusting to her new school. Though at first it’s implied that she’ll have a romantic relationship with her friend Beck, Tori respects/is too afraid of his girlfriend Jade to ever try anything. Though she has some other romantic prospects, Tori never gets too serious and prefers to flirt and have fun.

Challenge… fitting in at her new school. Even though she got into Hollywood Arts on pure talent, Tori has a tough time feeling worthy of the coveted spot. Her friends and family are incredibly supportive, but she runs into her fair share of negative feedback. She’s easily discouraged about her talents but has her shining moments, which ultimately make her feel like she belongs – even if those feelings are only temporary.

Personality… optimistic, funny, kind, and charming. Though she can be impatient and has a bit of a temper, Tori is kind to almost everyone she meets. When faced with adversity, she stands her ground and sticks up for her friends and family. She’s willing to do almost anything to make the people she loves feel better, including embarrassing herself.

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