Tony le Stephanois
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Tony le Stephanois


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About Him

Living… in Paris in the 1950’s in the Montmarte district.  

Profession… thief. His principles as a thief include not squealing on your friends once you're caught, so Tony has spent a good deal of time in jail protecting his less than savory associates.

Interests… planning the ultimate heist. One of his nefarious thieving partners, Jo, approached him about hitting a jewelry store with another robber, Mario. The idea would be to slice through the glass window in broad daylight and steal everything on display. Tony initially turns him down, but after visiting his girlfriend, Mado, who has now shacked up with the sleazy Parisian nightclub owner Pierre Grutter, he has a change of heart.

Interests… flawlessly pulling off a robbery where no one gets caught. There's a cement wall, and an alarm that needs to be promptly disabled. He decides they should enlist a safecracker, Cesar, and try to go after the real goods located in the safe in the back room. Can they work together to open the latch to a new future for all of them?

Relationship Status… separated from his ex-girlfriend Mado, and furious that she cheated on him. He was so angry he resorted to violence and brutally beat her.

Challenge… living and staying out of jail. Not only does he have to pull off the heist, but now he also has to avoid the gangster Pierre, who seems intent on killing him. Tony might be a bad man, but now there are even worse men on his tail.

Personality… brutal and merciless. However, there may be a warmer heart inside this cold-blooded thief than we might expect.

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