Tony Wyzek
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Tony Wyzek

West Side Story

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About Him

Living… in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in New York City. A son of poor Polish immigrants, Tony lives an impoverished life. He started a gang with his friends, called the Jets. It was the closest thing to a true family that Tony ever had until he left it. 

Profession… worker at Doc’s Drugstore. He’s trying to clean up his act by getting a real job.

Interests… not dancing, nor being in a gang. Now living his life straight, Tony doesn’t know what he’s interested in yet. But he’s interested in finding it out.

Relationship Status… single, but hopefully that will change soon. He met a beautiful girl at the dance who has stolen his breath, and he would love to know her better. They had an intense connection that he feels was fated.

Challenge… leaving behind his former life. Tony has decided to make a clean start, working an honest job in Doc’s shop and staying away from gang fights. But the past doesn’t want to let him go. His best friend Riff comes to beg him to help in his gang’s rumble, which Tony can’t refuse. And then, he gets involved with the girl from the other gang, which hates his guts. What can a guy do to get some peace around here?

Personality… passionate, earnest, focused on the future, and caring. Tony can be intense. He can fall in love with just a glance. And once he does fall, he’ll do anything for the object of his affections. He’s ruled by feelings and intuition, hoping things will work out. Tony tends to care too much, and people use that for their own benefit.

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