Tony Stonem

Tony Stonem

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… the dream. Tony has the brains, the looks, the charm, the popularity – he’s the kid all parents would love to have. Except Mr. and Mrs. Stonem. Tony spends most of his time at home experimenting with different ways to irritate his mom and dad. He blasts loud music, he locks the bathroom to prevent others from using it…basically, Tony is a nuisance. The only person in the house who he doesn’t bother is Effy, his little sister.

Profession… student. Tony gets excellent grades and participates in loads of extracurricular activities, including, weirdly enough, an all girls’ choir. While most of his friends flounder trying to juggle a social life and academics, Tony does it with ease and flaunts his skill: “I’ve been home, showered, done my Chi, had a wank, subtly undermined my dad, put new clothes on and here I am, with my English coursework.” Yeah, he’s that good.

Interests… experimenting with people. Tony has a veritable laundry list of after school activities, but his real passion lies in manipulation. He is fascinated by how easy it is to control others and often concocts little scenarios involving people he loves.

Relationship Status… taken, but that doesn’t stop him from fooling around with other women (or men). Tony is in a relationship with Michelle Richardson. She’s beautiful, funny, and completely devoted to him. He just makes fun of her uneven breasts and cheats on her. Most guys couldn’t get away with this sort of behavior, but then again, Tony isn’t most guys.

Challenge… getting a woman for Sid Jenkins. Tony may be incredibly successful with the ladies, but none of his prowess has rubbed off on his best friend. Sid is super awkward and kind of unhygienic. Sometimes he wears weird clothes. In other words, Sid isn’t exactly a catch. But Tony is determined to make his best friend a man: “Tonight’s the night, Sid….you finally get the VIP tour of Neverland.”

Personality... insensitive, controlling, and arrogant. Not many people are aware of Tony’s darker side. His outward charm and friendliness mask most of his negative qualities. Even those who are closest to him, like Sid and Michelle, don’t know just how manipulative and cold Tony really is.


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