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Tony Lip

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About Him

Living... unglamorously, in New York City in 1962. Tony’s spent his whole life in the Bronx and it’s pretty much the only world he knows.

Visiting... the Midwest and Deep South on an eight-week tour.

Profession... bouncer at the Copacabana.

Interests... pizza, pasta, and hot dogs.

Relationship Status... happily married with two kids. Tony loves his wife Dolores more than anything, but he sometimes has trouble expressing how he feels. That’s particularly true when Dolores asks Tony to write her letters while he’s away on tour.

Challenge... driving and protecting a world-famous pianist. When the Copa is closed for renovations, Tony takes on a rather unusual job to help make ends meet. He agrees to spend eight weeks serving as a driver and bodyguard for renowned pianist Dr. Don Shirley. Their tour through the Midwest and Deep South will put Dr. Shirley, who’s black, in many dangerous situations. It’s Tony’s job to serve as Dr. Shirley’s protector, using The Negro Motorist Green Book guide to find places where he’ll be allowed to stay safely. Along the way, Tony must confront his own racism and prejudice too.

Personality... larger than life. Tony’s big personality is outmatched only by his endless appetite. (No one can beat Tony in an eating contest—so don’t even try.) His nickname “Lip” comes from the fact that he never seems to stop talking. He’s a plainspoken, unpretentious guy who’s fiercely proud of his working class Italian-American roots. As he puts it, “My father used to say, ‘Whatever you do, do it a hundred percent. When you work, work. When you laugh, laugh. When you eat, eat like it’s your last meal.’” Though Tony sees himself as a good guy, he has a strong sense of ingrained racism and prejudice. He also has a nasty temper that can come out when he’s provoked. He’s far more comfortable throwing someone out of a nightclub than mingling with its wealthy clientele. At his core, however, Tony has a magnanimous spirit and the potential to see the error of his ways.

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Living... in Brooklyn, with his loving parents. Miles’ dad Jefferson Davis is a police office, while his mom Rio Morales is a nurse.

Profession... new student at Brooklyn Visions Academy. Miles recently earned a scholarship to attend the prestigious boarding school, but so far he’s having a little trouble fitting in. Things get even more complicated when Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider and develops the same abilities as New York City’s favorite protector Spider-Man.

Interests... listening to hip-hop, and working on street art with his beloved uncle Aaron Davis.

Relationship Status... crushing on Gwen Stacy, an effortlessly cool girl who goes to his school and initially introduces herself as “Gwanda.’

Challenge... saving the world(s). In addition to struggling to adjust to his newfound Spider-Man superpowers, Miles has to wrap his head around some other mind-bending facts too: It turns out his world is just one of a multiverse of worlds, each of which has their own Spider-Hero. When the villainous Kingpin concocts a plan that will tear the multiverse apart, Miles teams up with Spider-Woman, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, and his reluctant mentor Peter P. Parker to try to save all of their worlds. Miles’ unique powers include shooting electric blasts and turning invisible, but he can barely control them. As he asks at one point, “When will I know I’m ready?”

Personality... smart, artistic, and a little rebellious. As a young teenager, Miles is still trying to figure out exactly who he is. He’s often torn between his intellectual side and his artistic one, as well as caught between what his parents want for him and what he wants for himself. He mostly just wants to be a normal kid, not someone who stands out in a crowd, however, his talent shines through even when he’s trying to hide it. Miles is warm, personable, and easy to like. His sense of humor and huge heart will serve him well on any path he chooses.

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