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Tony Blair

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Grew Up… as part of the establishment. He studied at Fettes College in Scotland, and went on to begin his promising political career at Oxford. Despite his traditional roots, his manifesto for the Labor party has promised “to breathe new life into old institutions.”

Living… at 10 Downing Street. After a landslide election in his favor, Mr. Blair has found himself at the center of the British political establishment. What he didn’t expect was how embroiled he would become in the Royal family, an institution that he sees as dying.

Profession… Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Mr. Blair has entered 10 Downing Street with a mandate from the people to overturn the old conservative ways, but as he faces the crisis over Diana’s death, be begins to see that the Queen and her ilk may have a point.

Relationship Status… married to a staunch anti-monarchist. In his dealings with the Queen, Tony has tried to avoid mention of his wife, whose views are well known to the general public. He refuses to put up with her Queen-hating rants: “Spare me the whole ‘off with their heads’ thing.”

Challenge… successfully managing Princess Diana’s death. Tony Blair, contrary to the Queen, has called for a public funeral for Diana. “They regarded her as one of the people,” he says in an emotional speech. “She was the people’s princess.”

Personality… polite, idealistic, and intelligent. Tony offers a sensible voice in the debate between Britain’s government and its monarchy. While he sees his role in Diana’s memorial as a good thing for his office, he also acknowledges the crushing personal effect it’s having on the Queen herself.

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