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Tony Banta


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About Him

Living… for his next fight, in New York City. Tony lives the typical city bachelor life but has hinted at wanting something more. For a while, he seriously considered adopting a child and was devastated when the kid chose a wealthy couple instead.

Profession… taxi driver at the Sunshine Cab company. It’s a way for him to pay the bills as he simultaneously moonlights as a boxer. He’d love to quit his day job but can’t make serious headway in the boxing world. His boss Louie has even made a killing by betting against him.

Interests… boxing. It’s his passion but it comes at a price. He’s not the most talented fighter but he figured heart would be enough. The boxing commission eventually took his license away because he’d been knocked out too many times. He knew what he was signing up for, but what Tony might be facing is beyond cuts and bruises.

Relationship Status… single. Tony was inititally wrapped up in a whirlwind relationship with a pill-popper. He couldn’t bear leaving her, out of sympathy. Once that finally ended, he entered the dating world with his guard up. While he could easily be a ladies’ man, he’s often quite considerate and compassionate. He’s looking for the real thing.

Challenge… reconciling his dreams of professional boxing with the toll it takes on his health. Tony is shattered when he finds out his boxing career has to cease due to the risk of brain damage. A knockout is one thing; degenerative brain disease is a fight he’s not matched up for. He’ll have to find another way out of the Sunshine Cab headquarters.

Personality… lovable goof. Tony isn’t known for being the sharpest tool in the shed, but of all the drivers, he’s among the most good-natured and compassionate. When he sees his co-worker Bobby struggling to get his acting career off the ground, Tony offers to become his agent. It’s naïve and a bit delusional, but also sweet and well-intentioned. That’s Tony in a nutshell.

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