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Living... alone in Portland, Oregon, although she spends all of her waking hours with her best friend and business partner, Candace, who’s the only person that really seems to get her perspective on the world.

Profession... co-owner of Women & Women First, a feminist bookstore in North-East Portland. It is a labor of love; a not-for-profit store only interested in spreading the feminist ideals Toni and Candace share. She is very adamant about this, making it clear that she is not in it for the money. Toni is even insulted by a good-natured tip, saying, "What do I look like, somebody that works for tips?"

Interests... equality. She has an interesting approach, stressing ambiguity in many respects, for example telling Candace's son (who clearly identifies as a man), "I don't know your gender; I don't know Candace's; I don't know mine."

Relationship Status... single. It’s unclear what Toni's romantic history is like, although it is pretty obvious that she has absolutely no interest in men. She rarely seems to care about connecting with others on a romantic level (or any level, for that matter). On one occasion, however, she did attempt to make a move on a woman attending a journal-writing class at the bookstore, telling her, "I feel like there's a unicorn inside you."

Challenge... fighting inequality. Toni has a very difficult time coming to terms with what she sees as an extremely unjust society. However, she can takes things a bit too far, which can cause her to feel alienated by even the most innocent of actions. For example, she takes serious offense to one customer’s gesture: "Can you not point please? Every time you point I see a penis."

Personality... passionate and cynical. Toni is adamant about what she stands for, completely embodying her radical feminist mindset. She is very aggressive and often puts those around her on the spot, asserting that they are implicated by the injustice of the world for not sharing her same school of thought. She can be completely irrational, but knows what she wants out of life, even if it makes her an unhappy and closed-off person. As she puts it, "If you're not outraged, then you're not paying attention.”

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