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Never Let Me Go

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Overview… a student who is discovering that hall monitor at his school means something different entirely.Tommy C. is living at Hailsham, a strange boarding school where the children are constantly monitored. Leaving campus is prohibited and those who try to run off are said to never return alive. Despite the sinister rumors, Tommy is content to spend his days drawing and hanging out with his friends, Kathy and Ruth. He doesn’t realize that Hailsham’s darkest secret is about to come to light – one that will change the life of every student.  

Personality... sensitive and whiny. Tommy C. is Hailsham’s resident crybaby. It really doesn’t take much to set him off. A bit of gentle ribbing can start a tantrum of epic proportions. Luckily, Tommy’s good friend Kathy knows exactly how to cheer him up. 

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