Tommy Solomon
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Tommy Solomon

3rd Rock from the Sun

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About Him

Living… as an extraterrestrial posing in a normal American household, with his “father” Dick, and his “aunt” and “uncle” Sally and Harry. He quickly takes on the role of the teenage son, even though his actual role here on earth is to gather information about humans.

Profession… information officer, and third in command of the Solomons. Though he’s the oldest of the group and has the most experience, he abandons his responsibilities on Earth to enjoy life as an American teen. When Sally asks how he can afford the things he buys, he says, “You know that jar of pennies I keep in my room? Well that’s where I keep Dick’s credit card.” He’s a natural, even if he’s only been a human teenager for a little while. 

Interests… spending other people’s money and rock music. He even joins a rock band briefly in hopes of scoring some teenage ladies.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with August Leffler, a controlling high school student who refuses to let him break up with her. She also withholds physical contact, but considering how old Tommy really is, that might be best for everyone.

Challenge… reconciling his newfound joy as a teenager with his actual mission of studying humans. Tommy realizes that perhaps the best way to study humans is to simply be one of them. When he discovers how much he enjoys chasing girls, it becomes difficult to keep up on his studies.   

Personality… rebellious and sneaky, but also the wisest of the Solomons. He’s also full of confidence – which fits his role as a teenager who doesn’t know better. Really it comes from the fact that he’s much smarter and more experienced than the other members of his research team.

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