Tommy DeVito
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Tommy DeVito


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About Him

Grew up… in Brooklyn, surrounded by drugs, crime, and violence. Tommy is a product of his milieu, the Mafia-laden neighborhoods of New York.

Living… at the top of his game in the 1960s and 70s. Tommy, after partaking in a few big heists, is past his days as a petty thief. He lives on the edge on normal society, doing the only kind of work that a sociopath like himself can do

Profession… thief and gangster. It’s best not to remind Tommy about his old days as a shoeshine boy, as he isn’t proud of his humble beginnings. DeVito wants desperately to be recognized by the mob establishment by becoming a “made man.”

Interests… talking everyone's ear off. If you ever bump into Tommy at a New York bar, pull up a chair. This gifted raconteur will never run out of side-splitting stories from his life of crime. Just don’t tell him he’s funny. Seriously.

Relationship Status… playboy. Tommy spends a lot of time with his friends at the Copacabana nightclub in Manhattan. As he understands it, “I settle down with a nice girl every night, then I’m free the next morning.”

Challenge… becoming a respected mobster. Tommy’s explosive temper hasn’t done him any favors, though – it only seems to make trouble for him and his crew. It seems that Tommy can’t keep himself out of a fight. He’ll never hesitate to bash a guy’s head in (and he’ll often seek out opportunities to do so). 

Personality… entitled, unstable, and short-tempered. Tommy is a powder keg waiting to burst. He tends to shoot, kill, or maim before he asks questions. Tommy’s known to kill guys who so much as insult him. He also thinks that because he’s the nephew of a famed L.A. mob boss, he’s destined to become a core member of the Mafia.

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