Tommy Conlon
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Tommy Conlon


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Grew up… as a high school wrestling prodigy from Pittsburgh. Tommy’s father wasn’t good for much except for drinking and coaching. Under his alcoholic tutelage, Tommy bloomed into an undefeated wrestling sensation. However, Tommy fled with his mother away from his abusive father when he was a teenager. The next few years were tough, as Tommy had to assume full responsibility for the care of his terminally ill mother.

Living… back in Pittsburgh for the first time since he was a teenager. After Tommy’s mother passed away, he joined the US Marine Corps, and recently made his way back to the states.

Profession… former Marine turned professional MMA fighter. Tommy doesn’t talk much about his time in the Corps, although he doesn’t seem to have any desire to continue to serve in the military.

Interests… brawls and bruised knuckles. Ever since Tommy was a kid, he’s been a monster in the ring, going undefeated for most of his high school career. His mother’s death and time in the Marine Corps have only stoked the fire – giving Tommy enough anger to do more damage than he ever has before.

Relationship status… single, and in short supply of friends and family. Tommy’s mother died, he hates his father, and has never forgiven his brother for not running away when they were teenagers. He was close to a fellow soldier named Manny, but he too was killed in a friendly fire incident. Tommy promised to take care of his family, and now spends all his time training for the opportunity to get enough money to keep Manny’s widow out of the poor house.

Challenge… winning the Sparta grand prix tournament. It’s a winner-takes-all brawl with a cash purse of $5 million – more than enough money to take care of Manny’s family. Driven by rage and with no other prospects, Tommy begins to train fulltime under his old, hated mentor – his father. While Tommy’s uninterested in reconciliation with either his father or brother, coming face-to-face with the ghosts of his past seems inevitable. Perhaps, he can make peace with his shattered family.

Personality… quiet, serious, and angry. Life has dealt Tommy one bad hand after the other, leaving him distrustful and miserable. His incredible skill at unarmed combat has given him an aura of nonchalant confidence – knowing that he can beat up just about anyone on the planet. Despite his cynicism, he is kind, honors his commitments, and always tries to do the right thing. Still, he cannot bring himself to forgive his family – creating a wellspring of bitterness that poisons his entire existence.

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