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Tommy Carcetti

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About Him

Living… in his hometown, Baltimore’s Fightin’ 1st District – which he now represents on the city council.

Profession… Baltimore city councilman. Carcetti was a born politician. He navigates the political arena with style and ease – with impassioned, articulate speeches in session and aggressive networking out of session. Carcetti harbors deep-seated ambitions of higher office. Nevertheless, for the most part he is sincerely committed to ameliorating Baltimore’s inequality problem and high crime rate.

Interests… besides hanging out with his kids, Carcetti mostly just likes to talk at anyone willing to listen to what he has to say.

Relationship Status… married to his lovely wife Jen, though he has no moral qualms when it comes to the occasional adulterous fling. Given his smooth-talking abilities in city council, it comes as no surprise that he is able to woo women in a matter of minutes.

Challenge… running for mayor of Baltimore – and winning. Tommy is running against his old pal from city council, Tony Gray, and the incumbent Clarence Royce. He faces an uphill battle as a white candidate in a predominantly African-American city. But if anyone is up for the challenge, it's Carcetti.

Personality… confident, chipper, and calculating. He is fortunate to have strong political intuition, and forms political alliances with apparent ease. One such ally, police major Stan Valchek, says of Carcetti: "He's an ass-pain when he wants something, but he’s mostly good people." That’s a pretty fair assessment of the tenacious Carcetti.

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