Tommy Callahan Jr.
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Tommy Callahan Jr.

Tommy Boy

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About Him

Grew Up… in his parents’ mansion. Thomas R. Callahan III (better known around town as “Tommy”) grew up in a cocoon of privilege. Tommy has never really had to face the consequences of his childish actions; his wealthy father would always sort things out for him. Unfortunately, Tommy’s father recently passed away.

Living… his transition into adult life. Tommy just (barely) graduated from college and walked right into an executive job at his father’s auto parts business in Sandusky, Ohio, much to the chagrin of the senior Callahan’s right hand man, Richard.

Profession… salesman and executive. After his father’s death, the company looks to be on its last legs. In an act of filial duty, he offers to put down his inheritance as collateral to fund a new brake pad division. He even offers to sell the new pads to manufacturers. It looks like the future of the company is in Tommy’s hands.

Interests… drinking beer and smoking weed. Tommy seems more excited about his new office’s refrigerator than about the responsibilities involved. “Hey, there’s even a fridge!” he says. “You could put six packs of beer—I mean soda—in here!”

Challenge… getting the word out on Callahan Auto’s new brake pads before the company folds (or is purchased by their rival Zalinsky Auto). Before Tommy can become an effective salesman, he has to overcome his own immaturity, anxiety and hyperactivity.

Personality… sweet, kind, and buffoonish. Tommy is a bit spoiled, but it’s not too late for him to grow up.

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