Tom Stall
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Tom Stall

A History of Violence

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About Him

Living… with his family in the small, idyllic town of Millbrook, Indiana. Tom likes how quiet Milbrook is, and enjoys his simple and uncomplicated life.

Profession… restaurant owner. Stall’s Diner was always just another place to get an omelet and a cup of coffee on Millbrook’s main street, until Tom foiled a violent robbery and made himself into a local hero.

Interests… his family, his business, and living a decent life. Tom’s wife Edie thinks he’s “the best man [she’s] ever met,” and his children adore him. Despite spending a lifetime teaching non-violence to his children, Tom Stall proved himself a capable fighter when he took down two armed men who tried to harm one of his waitresses while robbing his restaurant. But Tom has no interest with the spotlight, and just wants to be left alone with his loving wife and children.

Relationship Status… married to Edie. Since his newfound fame has forced him into the spotlight, however, Tom’s marriage has been facing a crisis. He, his wife, and his son are being stalked by a man named Carl Fogarty, who claims that Tom once had dealings with him in Philadelphia’s Irish mob.

Challenge… keeping his family together while dealing with the mysterious Carl Fogarty. Fogarty seems to have a deep knowledge of Tom’s past, and is making life a living hell for his loved ones. Desperate to expel the mobsters from his new, small-town life, Tom might be forced to finally bury the skeletons he’s kept locked in his closet – even if it means heading into the heart of Philadelphia’s mob.

Personality… upstanding, kind, calm, and reasonable. In fact, Tom Stall seems to be a model human being. But is he hiding a big part of himself? Despite his mild-mannered exterior, he is uncharacteristically adept at handling attackers. Tom is hesitant to reveal any details of his former life to his family, though he seems 100% dedicated to his life in Millbrook. But occasionally he seems to wrestle with the dark memories of a life half-forgotten.

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