Tom “Redfly” Davis

Tom “Redfly” Davis

    Triple Frontier

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… alone. After his divorce from Molly, Tom has been living by himself and is only allowed in the garage of his old home to pick up his daughter Tess. 

Profession… real estate realtor. After retiring from the military where he served in the special forces, Tom now sells low-maintenance condos for a living. He is not very good at his job, as he shows no enthusiasm and appears to be distraught when talking to potential buyers. 

Interests… his children. Redfly loves his kids and feels guilty he doesn't have more money to provide for them. Unfortunately, his previous job in the military didn't pay well. He was shot five times, and he can't even buy a new truck.

Relationship Status… divorced. After his divorce, Tom has become cynical about romance. His main love right now is beer.  

Challenge… joining his former special forces colleagues on a dangerous mission through the jungles of South America. His friend Santiago 'Pope' Garcia has brought them all together to help him steal at least $75 million from a drug lord named Lorea who is hiding with his stashes of money in the jungle. Tom was reluctant to take the job, but he does it because he misses his old life in the field. He admits to Pope that he yearns to return to the game, as he only feels content when he is on a mission; it is a part of him that he cannot outrun. But Tom doesn't kid himself that it's like old times. What he's doing is a crime and it violates every oath he has taken. 

Personality… impulsive, hotheaded, and thoughtful. Tom is an excellent soldier who is a valuable asset to Pope’s team. But he is prone to emotional outbursts, which is dangerous when embarking on a violent mission in a sovereign country. And he sometimes fails to think things through.


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