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Animal Crossing

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About Him

Grew Up... somewhere else. Tom Nook is a tanuki, or Japanese raccoon dog, who was born in the village but moved away for some time. Knowledge of his early life is limited, mostly based on vague stories he tells. As he says, “I had to endure certain hardships that I’ve never spoken of.”

Living... in the village. Nook eventually returned to his hometown and now lives in the village with the other animals. He is one of the most prominent and influential residents.

Profession... real estate mogul. Nook’s lucrative primary business is providing new villagers with their first homes. He also runs numerous side ventures like managing convenience stores and shopping catalogs.

Interests… money. Nook loves money, or more precisely he loves bells, which are the village’s currency. He gets as much of it as he can, any way he can, as often as he can. He’s also picky about his coffee, preferring a spoonful of sugar with lots of milk.

Relationship Status... single. Seeing as he’s a self-made tanuki who doesn’t really believe in sharing the wealth, Nook is single. However, he does have family. He often uses his nephews Timmy and Tommy as accomplices in his latest schemes.

Challenge... keeping people in debt. Newcomers find themselves indebted to Nook basically right after stepping off the train. However, they eventually do pay off their first mortgage. So to keep the cash flowing, before a house can be fully paid for, Nook will upgrade it, without the villager’s consent, and create a brand new mortgage to pay off.

Personality... opportunistic, but not all bad. Nook is a pushy schemer who takes advantage of people, but that’s just business. Spend some time talking to him and you’ll see that he can be legitimately kind and helpful to the villagers he exploits as they get used to their new surroundings. 

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