Tom Grunick
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Tom Grunick

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About Him

Living… in Washington, D.C. in the 1980s.

Profession… newscaster for the Washington bureau of a national television network. It has been a real break for him, moving from sports to politics. He got the job because he looks the part; he is articulate and looks like a Greek god. Some think he's not qualified for his job because he only went to college for one year and can't name all the members of the Cabinet. But he knows more than anyone how to use the camera to his advantage.

Relationship Status… mixed up with his work life. His relationship with his producer Jane is electric. As he says to her, “You knew just when to feed me the next line, you knew the second before I needed it. There was like, a rhythm we got into. It was like great sex!” And the actual sex outside of the office isn't bad either.

Challenge… living up to his ambitions. Although he is happy about his rapid rise to the Washington bureau, he has his eyes set even higher – becoming a national network anchor. He just needs to prove that he has what it takes and sell himself better that his competitor, Aaron.   

Personality… charming, persuasive, and sexy. In a way, he’s the ultimate salesman. He sells himself to the audience every night. And his approach seems to be working.

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