Tom Doniphon
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Tom Doniphon

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

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About Him

Overview… horse rancher in the frontier town of Shinbone. There aren’t many wife-caliber women in town, save Hallie Ericson. She’s the one for Tom. He’s a regular at the saloon, along with the rest of the alcoholics who constitute the men of Shinbone. Tom is highly respected by his peers, because of the laid-back cut of his jib, and because he may be the only man willing to stand up to the violent outlaw Liberty Valance.

Personality… chivalrous, calm, and tough as all hell. Fazing Tom is a nearly impossible task, partly because he knows he’ll beat anyone in a fight, whether fought with fists or firearms. Tom is a born-and-bred frontiersman who firmly believes that justice of the gun is the only justice that works. As he says: “Out here, a man settles his own problems.”

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