Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

    Dead Poets Society

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… at Welton Academy with his roommate Neil Perry. Todd’s older brother was the school’s valedictorian, leaving him with “big shoes to fill” and increasing the already intense pressure upon him. 

Profession… student at Welton. Todd often writes poetry but typically discards his works out of fear that they’re not good enough. New English teacher Mr. Keating urges Todd to let loose his creativity without worrying so much about what others think of him.

Interests… poetry and eventually the Dead Poets Society, which he and his friends revived after learning about it from Mr. Keating. 

Relationship Status… single. Todd would rather spend time with his increasingly close friend Neil, and socializing is hard enough without trying to pursue someone his family would see as a suitable match.

Challenges… speaking up, having confidence in himself, and socializing. Mr. Keating and Todd’s newfound group of friends help Todd realize that he is valued and the things he has to say are important. Although anxiety isn’t something he grows out of, Todd learns to speak out when it really counts.

Personality… creative, withdrawn, and thoughtful. Mr. Keating and Neil help to draw him out of his shell. Todd thinks deeply, but he seems to have trouble expressing it for fear that others will reject him. He tells his friend “Listen, Neil, you say things and people listen. I- I’m not like that.”


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