Toby Howard
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Toby Howard

Hell or High Water

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Overview... the calmer half of a bank-robbing pair of brothers. Toby’s brother Tanner is more likely to act unpredictable once the ski masks are on, but for now, it’s worth the risk. The two are hitting Texas Midland Banks until they have enough cash to pay off their mom’s reverse mortgage. She passed away recently, but the land’s sitting on top of oil and the bank is about to foreclose.

Personality... focused, calm, and no-nonsense. While Tanner is mostly nonsense. Whether it’s getting into fights at the local casino or knocking out bank managers with his gun, Tanner does a lot of things Toby wouldn’t do. But Toby wants a better life for his two sons, so he’s determined to pay off the debt by any means necessary. The hardest part might not be risking his freedom but trusting his brother.

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