Tobias Wolff
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Tobias Wolff

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About Him

Overview… a young boy with a penchant for troublemaking. Toby (though he now likes to call himself "Jack" after the author Jack London) just needs a little guidance in his life. Or at least that’s what his single mother thinks when she moves to Seattle, hoping to begin a new life in the 1950s. But even a move across the country can’t prevent Toby from wreaking a bit of adolescent havoc – destroying cars, defacing public property, shoplifting. It’s especially when he meets his mother’s new boyfriend, Dwight, that things begin to get truly out of hand.

Personality… spry, youthful, and carefree. Many people think of Toby as a ne’er-do-well, but he has a large heart buried beneath his rabble-rousing. He has a gift for seeing directly into the true selves of others, and he especially does so with Dwight, whose outwardly friendly smile turns out to be as phony as Toby suspects.

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