Titus Pullo
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Titus Pullo


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About Him

Grew Up… on his own. Titus never knew his father or his mother, who died as a slave when he was very young. As a result, the closest thing that Titus had to a family are his fellow soldiers. 

Living… on the battlefield. Titus was born a warrior and plans to die a warrior. Although once condemned to death by Caesar’s army, he now fights alongside the 13th Legion of the Roman force in the war against the Gauls.

Profession… soldier. The life of battle and blood is the only thing that Titus has ever known.  

Interests… drinking, battling, and romancing. Titus has just as keen a taste for love as he does blood. In his words, “Me? I have simpler tastes. I like to kill my enemies, take their gold and enjoy their women.”

Relationship Status… single, and ready to put his sexual expertise to good use. Titus Pullo has a special weakness for the fairer sex, and he prides himself on his talents in the bedroom: “There are girls from Nabha to Thebes that scream my name by night.”

Challenge… learning to control his temper. Titus has many talents, but self-control isn’t one of them. He’s already had many a brush with death, but it seems that he is often his own worst enemy.

Personality… cheerful, rebellious, and flippant. Titus always wants to make jokes – even when in the heat of battle. There’s no subject that’s safe from his ridicule, not even the Gods.

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