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The Adventures of Tintin

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Grew Up… in Brussels, Belgium. His upbringing has made him an independent, cultured, and very responsible young adult.
Living… in an apartment with his faithful dog and sidekick, Snowy. He has a well-meaning landlady, Mrs. Finch, who checks up on Tintin from time to time (though he’s quite capable of looking after himself). Tintin is a good tenant and pays rent on time. His adventurous lifestyle and pursuits, however, do occasionally bring trouble knocking at the apartment building door. “Mrs. Finch, a man has been shot on our doorstep!” Tintin shouts. Mrs. Finch, mildly annoyed, replies, “Not again.”

Profession… investigative reporter and crime-buster for the newspaper. In researching his stories, Tintin gets into more than a little bit of amateur detective work. A less adventurous person would be in over their heads in these sorts of situation, but Tintin, with his optimism and unbridled curiosity, is always up to the challenge. His taste for adventure and his keen deductive mind make Tintin good at what he does and often puts him in the right place at the right time.

Interests… mysteries and adventures.

Relationship Status… single. Tintin seems so engaged in his work that he probably hasn’t had the time for a relationship.

Challenge… looking for answers. His challenge is to uncover mystery and help bring about justice. He often stumbles across evil plots and fights against stout henchmen. If he can solve a mystery, fight for good, and somehow manage to stay alive, he has succeeded.

Personality… principled, clever, and very curious. One of Tintin’s great qualities is his resourcefulness. He can hatch a plan in moments or fashion a makeshift grappling hook out of a broken plank and a length of rope. Tintin is always either planning the next move or making a discovery, the latter of which being accompanied by his signature exclamation: “Great snakes!”

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