Peter Pan
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... Peter Pan's feisty fairy friend. Tinkerbell is as plucky as she is pretty. With the power to let others fly by sprinkling them with pixie dust, Tinkberbell may be only a few inches tall, but her powers make her a helpful companion to Peter on his many adventures. But while Tinkerbell may be deeply attached to Peter, she's less enthusiastic about his new friends – especially Wendy Darling, who's taking up far more of Peter's attention than Tinkerbell can be happy with.

Personality... vain, volatile, and possessive, but ultimately loyal. Because she's so small, Tinkerbell “can only feel one emotion at a time,” so she tends to switch between benevolent kindness and jealous rage, depending on the circumstances. But regardless of her current mood, Tinkerbell's devotion to Peter remains an unchanging constant.


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