Tina Kennard
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Tina Kennard

The L Word

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About Her

Grew up… as a predominantly straight woman. Tina only dated men until her boyfriend at the time Eric brought her to the Bette Porter Gallery, where she met her future girlfriend Bette. It was a modern Cinderella story. After Tina left her earring at the gallery, Bette held onto it, and when Tina returned later that night, they kissed for the first time.

Living… in the Greater Los Angeles area near West Hollywood. Tina lives with her girlfriend Bette in a beautiful modern home that Bette loves to fill with choice art pieces.

Profession… volunteer at a charity organization. Tina just recently quit her job as development executive at Alphaville in order to prepare for having a baby. She has been searching for a less stressful occupation at a place where she feels fulfilled, and primarily relies on Bette as the breadwinner of the family. 

Interests… charity work and children. Tina is a kind and giving soul who just wants to help others and raise a normal family.

Relationship Status… rocky. Tina is in love with Bette and the two have been together for seven years. Tina has been searching for a sperm donor so that she can carry their child, but Bette seems nervous about the prospect of a child. And she’s already had one miscarriage, but she’s afraid to worry Bette about it, especially because she seems to be slipping away further and further into her work.

Challenge… having and raising a child. Tina has been having many complications from the hunt for the right sperm donor to the miscarriage to Bette’s ambivalence. She just wants Bette to be a supportive parent with her because she doesn’t want to raise the child on her own. 

Personality… honest, compassionate, and nurturing. Tina possesses all of the best traits that a parent should have. She is incredibly sweet and good-natured, and possesses a quiet but strong demeanor. However, her reserved nature often prevents her from sharing how she really feels with others – especially Bette.

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