Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher

    Bob's Burgers
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Growing Up… with her two younger siblings, Gene and Louise, in the apartment above her dad’s restaurant, Bob’s Burgers. Although she’s the oldest of the kids, she’s still a kid herself, especially in terms of her ability to handle responsibility. Tina is having a solid childhood, complete with loving parents who support her in almost every endeavor she undertakes. Though her father usually tries to stop her from embarrassing herself, her mother always encourages her to follow her dreams, no matter how strange or inappropriate they may be. 

Living… with the Belcher clan in their tiny apartment. Tina, being a pre-teen, was allowed to have her own room, which she happily decorated with lots of horse posters and figurines.

Profession… part-time middle school student, part-time grill cook at Bob’s Burgers. Tina likes her job at the restaurant, though she’s been known to have occasional meltdowns that usually result in the actual melting of something (burgers, grills, spatulas, etc.). 

Interests… horses, writing erotic fiction about her friends and classmates, hot zombies, boys, and most importantly, butts.

Relationship Status… hopelessly single. Tina has been in love with Jimmy Pesto Jr. for a very long time. Due to the fact that he has one of the best butts she’s ever laid eyes on and is an incredible dancer, Tina was instantly attracted to Jimmy. Though they’ve shared some romantic moments, at the end of the day, Tina is able to recognize that she’s a “smart, strong, sensual woman” and she’s just as well off logging fantasy relationship hours than she is dating someone who doesn’t give her the respect she deserves. 

Challenge… interacting with people. Perhaps due to the fact that she mostly exists in her own fantasy world filled with horses, hot zombies making out, and lots of butt-touching, Tina isn’t always present in encounters with other people. She’s often heard moaning (quite loudly) about something random like her dad not letting her romantically pursue her much older dance/martial arts instructor, but usually her strange noises are due to the fact that she’s done something to embarrass herself. 

Personality… confident yet shy, awkward yet awesome, sweet yet sexual. Tina is full of contradictions. Though she can be shy and awkward, she’s often very confident in her appearance, attitude, and personality. In her own words: “Time for the charm bomb to explode.” She’s had many self-confident moments, usually regarding doing something that she’ll later regret, like confessing her feelings for someone in front of the entire school or sharing her erotic fiction with a large audience.


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