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About Him

Grew Up... unknown. Much of Tim’s early life is shrouded in mystery, even to Tim himself. But he must have known The Princess in one way or another.

Living... in a world beyond time. Time works in strange ways in Tim’s world. It flows in all directions, repeats, and can be directly affected by what happens in the environment.

Profession... unknown. Like his early life, Tim’s prior career is also very foggy. Rumors suggest he may have been anything from a nuclear physicist to a monster of some kind.

Interests... manipulating time. With his time-rewinding potions, which never run out, Tim manipulates time around him to make his way through his puzzling world. It’s more than just time-travel, it’s time-sculpting.

Relationship Status... in a vague relationship. Tim and The Princess definitely share a history, but because their time together is so brief, and her reactions so ambiguous, it is difficult to determine the exact nature of their confusing relationship.

Challenge... rescuing The Princess. When The Princess is kidnapped by a seemingly rogue knight, Tim uses his time abilities to go out and rescue her. He hopes that finding her will also help him answer the mysteries surrounding his own life.                                                                          

Personality... remorseful. Tim has a lot of guilt, even if he doesn’t understand why. By changing time, he doesn’t just want to save The Princess, he also wants to fix his own past mistakes. 

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