Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a large suburban home in Detroit with his loving wife, Jill, and their three sons: Brad, Randy and Mark. Even though the boys never stop fighting, the Taylors are a happy family.

Profession... host of "Tool Time,” a TV home improvement show. Tim's co-host and best friend Al watches and gives viewers advice and general safety while Tim more or less ignores him, botches the job, and hurts himself. He isn't an unskilled handyman ­– he’s just usually too proud to listen to others' recommendations.

Interests... cars. The one handyman job that Tim has no trouble with is fixing cars, especially hot rods. He tries to get his sons to help out, but they’ve usually got better things to do.

Relationship Status... married to Jill. They’ve been in love for years, but that doesn’t mean they always get along. They argue about how to raise their kids and whether or not it’s a good idea for Tim to add more power to every appliance in their house. Sometimes a blender can just be a blender. Tim occasionally asks for advice from friend and neighbor, Wilson, who always provides wise words from over the fence.

Challenge... swallowing his pride. Tim thinks that he can do anything by himself, improvising handyman jobs without instruction or help. He just grunts, asserting himself as the alpha primate, even though sometimes it’s better to just be a human being.

Personality... sarcastic, confident, and reckless. He often overestimates his prowess with his tools and electronics. As he tells his neighbor, "I like to create, Wilson. Everything I do, I want to make bigger and better." Tim sure does have big ideas – he just has trouble admitting when they’ve grown too big.


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