Tim Russell
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Tim Russell


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Overview… a young man who is ready to put his unfortunate past behind him. When he was ten years old his father redecorated his office, bought an antique mirror called the Lasser Glass, and began to go insane. Within a few weeks, his father killed his mother and convinced Tim to kill him. When Tim blamed the entire bloodbath on the menacing looking mirror hanging in his father’s office, he was shipped off to an insane asylum where he would spend the next eleven years. Freshly released and equipped with a host of rational explanations for what happened to his family, Tim is ready to start a new life. However, his sister Kaylie has other plans, and is intent on enlisting Tim to help her take revenge on the mirror that ruined their lives.

Personality… quiet, polite, and well intentioned. Tim is the more passive of the Russell siblings. His long stint in therapy convinced him that the mirror was not responsible for his childhood tragedy. Loving and gentle, Tim is determined to convince Kaylie to relinquish her “delusion” that the Lasser Glass is inhabited by a murderous supernatural force.

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