Tibby Rollins
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Tibby Rollins

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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About Her

Grew Up… traveling around with her hippy parents, who had a number of exciting jobs like organic farmer and sculptor. Tibby was born when her parents were still very young, though much has changed since their radical youth. 

Living… with her parents and her new younger siblings in Bethesda, Maryland. Tibby can’t help but feel like a remnant of her parents’ wilder days. Today, her family has embraced a more conservative lifestyle in the suburbs and have added two younger children to the mix, leaving Tibby to feel like an outcast. She relies on her second family — her three best friends, Lena, Carmen and Bridget — for support.

Profession… shelf-stocker at Wallman’s. All of Tibby’s friends have left Maryland for the summer while she’s still stuck at home, working a soul-crushing summer job. Even though they are separated by distance, Tibby and her friends are still connected through a mysterious pair of jeans they found. Despite their different sizes, the jeans fit all four girls perfectly, so they agree to ship the pants to one another throughout the summer, to bring them each magic and luck.

Interests… filming her “suckumentary,” a short documentary about the lame residents of Bethesda. Tibby’s cynical film takes on a new tone after she meets Bailey Graffman, a young girl who wants to help her make the documentary. She pesters Tibby until she finally relents and lets her tag along. Tibby grows fond of Bailey and later is devastated to learn the young girl has leukemia.

Challenge… completing her film before Bailey passes away. Tibby’s world is turned upside down after she develops an attachment to Bailey. The young girl’s sincerity, which at first annoys Tibby, manages to show her a different side of life. Tibby is worried Bailey won’t live to see the documentary that she has worked so hard on.

Personality… sarcastic, cynical and jaded. Tibby’s multi-colored hair and wry outlook on life reflect her status as the rebel of the group. She can be rude and blunt, but Tibby is always there for Lena, Carmen, Bridget and Bailey and is very sensitive underneath her rough exterior.

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