The Maze Runner

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in The Glade. Like all of the other boys in this mysterious high-walled enclosure, Thomas has no memory of his life before he traveled up through an underground elevator to join their ranks. All he can remember is that his name is Thomas.

Profession... Maze Runner. The boys in The Glade have formed a makeshift society over the years, with each boy given a job and obeying a set of rules. Though Thomas is initially assigned to work inside The Glade, he pushes for a chance to run the lengthy maze passages surrounding the glen, which open up each day. He believes that if he tries hard enough, he can find a way out.

Interests... his unusual situation leaves him little time for hobbies, but Thomas does enjoy paternally looking out for other people.

Relationship Status... single. But Thomas does form a close friendship with Teresa, the only girl to ever arrive in The Glade. Though he can’t really remember details of his former life, Thomas has been dreaming of Teresa’s face even before she arrives.

Challenge... figuring out how to escape. While many of the boys are content to live in The Glade and follow the rules, Thomas immediately sets about trying to form an escape plan. As he puts it, “I'd rather risk my life out there than spend the rest of it in here.” He approaches the problem scientifically, coming up with potential theories and trying to test them to see if they work. But it’s a high-stakes mission: At night The Maze fills up with Grievers – giant monsters that kill anyone left inside.

Personality... impulsive, inquisitive, and intelligent. Thomas isn’t the sort to blindly follow the rules. He’s skeptical about anything he can’t see for himself and he’d rather test things than trust other people’s opinions. He doesn’t make a particularly good follower, but he’s also too impulsive to be a leader. He acts on instinct rather than laying out a plan, which makes him both brave and foolhardy.


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