Thomas "Tommy" Vercetti

Thomas "Tommy" Vercetti

Grand Theft Series

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About Him

Grew up... in Liberty City. Growing up, Tommy didn’t much care for his mother, but had a good relationship with his father and wanted to follow in his footsteps as a printer. However, Tommy ended up in organized crime. As he says, “I lived a different life…”

Living... in Vice City. Tommy’s criminal activities were too well-known in Liberty City. So after being released from prison in 1986, he was sent by his bosses to Vice City instead to start fresh.

Profession... made man for the Forelli crime family. In the ‘70s, Tommy became a loyal member of the Forelli crime family and eventually earned the title of “made man.” Even after being locked up, he never spilled any of their secrets to the authorities.

Interests… printing. Even while becoming a drug kingpin, Tommy always had a soft spot for printing since it reminded him of the good times he had with his dad.

Relationship Status... single. Tommy is a bachelor, but his interactions with Mercedes Cortez, daughter of major drug trafficker Juan Cortez, reveal that he can be pretty sensitive.

Challenge... conquering the drug trade. Tommy is tasked with taking over the expanding, lucrative drug trade in Vice City for the Forellis. To do so, he’ll have to deal with rival gangs and dealers, all while gathering a substantial amount of personal power. He’s also keen to find out who got him sent to prison in the first place.

Personality... brutally violent, independent, and loyal. Tommy is known to be very violent and temperamental. However, he is also incredibly loyal to those who have helped him, almost to a fault since this leads to him trust thieves and gangsters.

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