Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
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Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Gods and Generals

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About Him

Grew Up… in the American South during the early 1820s and ‘30s. Raised in what is now West Virginia (but was then part of Virginia), Thomas Jackson developed a hunger for warfare from a young age. He attended West Point starting in 1842, and learned the basics of military strategy – a skill for which he would later become famous.

Living… during the American Civil War, the greatest bloodbath to ever strike the United States. Jackson is a general for the Confederate States of America. He believes he's fighting for his state’s rights, and justifies his motives thusly: “We never allow the armies of others to march into our states and tyrannize our people.” The lives of his men are paramount to him, as with any great general. He got his nickname, “Stonewall,” for holding a staunch line at Harpers Ferry when he was still a colonel. 

Profession… brigadier general in the army of the Confederate States of America. He was promoted for his bravery and leadership during battle, and continues to prove himself a worthy adversary to even the greatest of Northern generals.  

Interests… loyalty, fearlessness, and holding his ground. He’s the ideal warrior, a man whose interests range from courage to strategy.

Relationship Status… married. His second wife, Mary Anna Jackson, is a loyal wife who would sit by his side in any time of need, and understands the duties required of her as a general’s spouse. His duties to his men and his country often come before her, and she accepts it.

Challenge… defending the Confederate States of America. Stonewall Jackson will shed blood when blood needs to be shed. He admits, “I do not expect to live to see the end of this war. Nor can I say that without victory I would desire to do so.”

Personality… fierce in battle but calm in his interpersonal relations. He’s a sensitive man, appreciating solitude as much as his quality time among his soldiers. When it comes to war, he’s prepared to shout orders from horseback and remain on the front lines among his privates until the bitter end.

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