Thomas Schell

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Thomas Schell

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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About Him

Overview... loving husband, caring father, and a presumed corpse. In life, Thomas Schell brought joy and love to his wife, Linda, and their precocious son, Oskar. But after being caught in one of the Twin Towers during 9/11, all his name has been since is a source of grief. A mysterious key and a trail of clues, however, hint that Thomas may not be truly dead. And if there's any chance his father is alive, Oskar is determined to pursue it.   

Personality... affectionate, loving, and fun. After growing up without a father, Thomas was determined to defy the stereotype of hands-off fathers, and while alive, he certainly accomplished that. Fate, however, has a dark sense of humor, forcing Thomas to leave Oskar more permanently than his father could ever have left him. 

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Thomas Schell
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