Thomas Lefroy
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Thomas Lefroy

Becoming Jane

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About Him

Grew Up… in a poor family, because his parents married for love instead of money. His family, including his many siblings, lives an impoverished life in a small English town.

Living… in London with his rich uncle, who, with no offspring of his own, is considering leaving his wealth and property to Thomas. In early 19th century England, that could change a man’s life – and that of his family’s.

Visiting… the English countryside, where he is staying with distant relatives. His uncle has shipped him there as a punishment for his wild ways, and Thomas could not be more horrified at the idea of passing his time in such a dull, rustic place.

Profession… a man of the law. Thomas is just starting out, and is said to have much promise in the legal profession. Unfortunately, he is all too aware of the ironic lack of justice in England’s justice system, which might be why he has little respect for his professional pursuits.

Interests… literature, boxing, and gambling. Thomas is a city boy who has little appreciation for nature. He prefers “the pleasures of metropolitan amusements” to the propriety of the wealthy, and he makes this quite clear wherever he goes.

Relationship Status… recklessly single. Thomas is involved in many wild and inappropriate relationships with girls across London, not that he gave them much thought after he was sent off to the country.  

Challenge… choosing between a livelihood and love. Thomas has quite the hedonistic reputation, but his playboy passions are swayed when he meets a woman named Jane Austen who, in her own way, is just as willing to rebel against the expectations of social propriety as he is.

Personality… quick-witted, cynical, and passionate. Thomas is intelligent, but prefers fun to the more practical uses of his mind. He can be self-centered and lack decorum, but, as Jane is surprised to find, he has the capacity for great feeling and romance when his defenses are down.

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