Thomas Jefferson Johnson
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Thomas Jefferson Johnson

The Distinguished Gentleman

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About Him

Living… in Washington D.C., which is turning out to be a perfect place for a conman like Thomas. As he says, “This is a town where the streets are paved with gold.  This is a town where the marks give you money before you ask.  A town where they take you to dinner after you screw ‘em.  A town where when they need money, they just print more.  This is a town where a guy bounced nine hundred checks and he didn't even have to skip town!”

Profession… conman who ran for Congress. You’d think that a smalltime crook like Thomas wouldn’t have a shot at winning an election. But he got lucky when the previous Congressman from their district, Jefferson Johnson, died. Now all Thomas had to do was drop his first name, get on the ballot, and let name recognition do the rest. It was the easiest, and most legal con of Thomas’ entire career.

Interests… taking any gullible sucker for all that they’re worth. Thomas has spent most of his life bouncing from one con to the next, barely scamming enough to get by. But now that he’s in Congress making six figures a year, he’s finally getting the chance to kickback, live the highlife, and figure out what’s really important to him.

Relationship Status… dating Celia Kirby, another figure in Washington politics. The two’s flirtation is recent, and hopelessly tied up with politics. She's taken the lead on the cancer bill that could hurt Thomas’s district. He’s going to have to decide whether he’ll turn over a new life and embrace integrity and the girl – or whether to solidify his political career and cement his position on Capitol Hill.

Challenge… stopping the electric companies from distributing products that may cause cancer. Raising a stink about it might cost him his political career. There’s a lot of lobbies that are looking at Thompson to help hush it up. But even a crook like Thomas can’t stand aside and let somebody give kid’s cancer. It’s not going to be easy getting around the political machine, but if anyone can con the system into doing the right thing, it’s Thomas Jefferson Johnson.

Personality… charming and manipulative. Although he hasn’t changed his personality much when he went from a conman to a politician, his outside image has gotten a boost. He’s no longer a crook – he’s a distinguished gentleman!

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